Real Scottish National Party

The Real Scottish National Party

We will establish a new UK political party. Our party principles will be based on patriotism - not an invented enemy. We will not pander to racists. We do not want any racists' votes. We will be truthful about Scottish independence. Our policies will not be based on taking a contrary position to the UK parliament.

The Real Scottish National Party will contest seats throughout the UK.

Covid 19 emergency proposal - two parallel path plan

Parallel path one - western model

Initial lock-down then gradual reopening/reclosing as the health services can manage.

Similar to most of the western European and North American.

Parallel path two - Covid free model

The aim is to establish a Covid free beach head which will be grandally extended to the rest of the country. This will be implemented at the same time as the 'western model'.

First, during the "path one" lockdown a postal vote will take place to decide if this is to proceed. Voting will be compulsory and the approval must be above 70%.

A Covid area and front will be established where no one will be allowed to cross without quarantine. Similarly, any flights into the Covid free area will be subject to quarantine. All quarantine will be paid for by the government. The front will slowly be expanded and when the Covid free front reaches the border with England, Wales and England will be invited to take part. As Britain is an Island this collaboration will greatly enhance the chances of success and its sustainability. The same process will be applied to Northern Ireland and when the Covid free front reaches the Republic of Ireland they will be invited to join.



Nuclear Power - Hydrogen Fuel - Renewable Energy

We aim to be a net exporter of energy from non CO2 emitting sources. Our energy and environment policy will be primarily based on an increasing the number and size of nuclear power stations. Power-to-gas and pumped-storage will be increased in concert with with the nuclear expansion. Transport will be powered by electricity and hydrogen.


Law and order: a new balance between law enforcers and the general public is required. People who are annoying are not a police matter. Police intervening harshly in trivial situations cause a dislocation in collaboration with the public. We will make it an offence to bring the law into disrepute by overzealous policing. Inflating an offence or exaggerating a problem to facilitate an arrest will be prohibited. All police will be retrained or dismissed. This same principle will be extended to other enforcement agencies. The aim will be to encourage good conduct not to fine and prosecute.

A person providing information or admitting to petty offences to the police must less likely to be prosecuted than an unhelpful person. Target driven policing results in easy case petty offences being disproportionately prosecuted and people that are helpful and open about their offence to police being more likely to be prosecuted.

Minor offences that are generated directly from an interaction by law enforcement will be discounted.


All foreign and non-Scottish prisoners will be deported.


Too many criminal offences impact on particular groups unfairly. For example 'poor' people are more likely to be convicted of breach of the peace. If these laws cannot be changed then prosecutions will be downgraded to civil offence without the need for a special defence.

Health and safety

We will make it an offence to bring health and safety into disrepute by its inappropriate or trivial use.


It will be illegal to misrepresent science. This will not impact on people having whatever opinions they care to have. It will prevent politicians and publications from cherry picking from science to suit their purposes.


Under-housing. Social housing will be available for all social groups and incomes. Social housing is neglected when it is only available to lower socioeconomic groups. Rented and social housing will be as desirable as owning. Tax on housing capital gain will be 100%. Exceptions for housing that has undergone significant refurbishment. Home mortgage loans will only be available from building society deposits and not speculative funds.

Over-housing. In areas of depopulation the housing market can also be dysfunctional. People are reluctant to buy if they do not know if they can sell if they need to. To encouraged people to buy in these areas, local authorities will guarantee to buy houses which can not be sold in a reasonable time.


We will improve town planning and claw back costs from the negligent planners. For example, planners who approved building in flood risk areas will be fined and jailed. Those involved in the past negligence will sued.


Teachers must be flexible and capable of teaching in either rich or impoverished environment. The median class size will be 12. Primary school teachers must have a science qualification. There will be no religious schools.


The number of academic universities will be 4. The other - current universities - will be re-designated as colleges, technical colleges, community colleges, schools or institutes.

Scottish Parliament Reform

The Scottish Parliament is an expensive sop in place of independence. Moreover, there are too many tax supported elected officials and elections. We will disband the current Scottish Parliament, remove all MSPs and the parliament building will be re-purposed. The current Scottish Parliament powers will remain with a Scottish Executive selected from and by Scottish MPs.


Diesel and petrol engines will be banned and replaces with hydrogen and electricity. Road signage should be clear and will be in English. All public transport providers will have a shared ticketing service. On the day tickets should be reasonable and not price penalised.



Our CO2 emission target is real-net-zero. General offsetting will not be counted towards this real-net-zero. The CO2 of imports will be counted in our emission targets. Only carbon capture will be counted as mitigating. The products and activities which produce the CO2 will pay for the carbon capture.


Online companies providing online postal delivery must be available to all addresses in Scotland.


All busses will have trackers and location data will be available via the internet and automated telephone service. All tickets will be transferable between operators. Cell phone black-spots along bus routes will be filled in.


"because it is the right thing to do"


Independence is not about becoming rich but doing the right thing. As such, we do not need to engage in fantasy economics. Yes, the economy will suffer but we want independence on principle.


Historically, there has never been such a thing as a Scottish Nation and the current imagined Scotland can be easily re-imagined. independent Scotland borders will be extended to include Cumbria, Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne and Wear, North Ireland and the Isle of Man. This is both economically viable geographical area and revitalises historic connections.


Smallholdings. We will encourage the expansion of smallholdings as a route into farming. As farms have consolidated and machinery have replaced manpower there is a smaller pool of potential farmers. in some areas. By encouraging small holdings as a side venture or hobby then there will be another route into the industry. This introduces new families, indeed, the children of small holdings may grow up to become full time farmers.

The purchase/rent of land for smallholdings around existing dwellings will be subsidised and the purchase of products will be price guaranteed. The exit from a failed smallholding will be guaranteed and if necessary bought out by the local authority.


Only boats registered to a local port will be allowed to fish in the waters around. Fisheries will be nurtured for future generations. Fishermen who have sold their fishing rights abroad will be taxed on the amount at rate of 100%. Abuse of fisheries will result in lifetime bans and confiscation of all equipment.


We do not need a program of immigration to support a contracted economy or skill shortages. This is nothing more than a pyramid scheme. It makes no sense to break Scotland away from the UK only then to import people from abroad.

Any foreign experts working in Scotland must also train local people.


Short term all visitors will require visa entry into Scotland. Within 3 years we expect to obtain freedom of movement between most western European countries. Long term we support the principle of world-wide open boarders.


We will maintain a nuclear defence capability. The primary nuclear deterrent will not be based on SSBN but airborne.

During conventional warfare, we believe that ground targets should be given the opportunity to surrender before being attacked by high level bombing.

New parliament

Upper chamber

Any Scottish National can become a member upper house. This house will deal with constitutional amendments, longer term infrastructure planning and legislative scrutiny. The upper house will be a mix of appointed specialists and trained randomly selected members of the public. Tenures will be 10 years in length.

Lower chamber

This is the main legislative chamber. To stand for election: single citizenship Scottish Nationals with a median or lower wealth. In addition to the normal MPs, The Scottish Parliament will have one seat available for each United Nations member country. They will have partial voting rights. Only fairly elected officials can exercise this voting right. This has similar advantages to that of the West Lothian question. Tenure will be 3 years.


An independent Scotland will be secular.

Head of state

The Head of State will remain as it is. After the death or abdication of a monarch there will be a national election where it will be decided if a Scottish monarchy should continue. As this is a cliff-edge type decision, a majority of 2/3 will be required to change the statues quo. The alternative to a monarchy will be an individual are selected and trained at random.

National Service - Civil

We will introduce compulsory civil national service of around 2 years where to fill particular worker shortages. For example farming or care work.

Arts broadcasting and culture

After independence we will endeavour to keep the BBC service as it is.

European Union

E.U.: To join the E.U. it is unlikely that we will be able to obtain the unanimous vote required from the current E.U. members. Countries with separative movements are reluctant to support Scotland's application. Countries with active separative movement includes: Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain.

Local Tax

All state benefits must have a local authority income tax applied. The aim is to 1. the benefit recipient to feel ownership in the local area 2. the local authority incentive to maximise an individuals state benefit and 3. encourage tax avoidance by replacing the state benefit with work.

International Tax

Funding for international bodies, foreign aid, foreign grants and foreign loans will be a separate tax and not part of the national tax take.

Royal Mail

Royal mail delivery will be maintained or superseded by a Pan-European agreement.

What next

We need funding donations to support employing a spokes person/organiser.